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Darling Nigeria and Xpression join Kanekalon in hosting free Workshops to Empower Hair Stylists in Nigeria

Kanekalon is a Japanese hair fiber manufacturing company into the mass production of quality synthetic hair fibers with a human-hair-like texture best known for its unique features such as flame retardancy and hot water set has embarked on a mission to offer free training in hair-making and braiding in major locations in Nigeria.

This workshop training which began in the busy city of Lagos is scheduled to tour other major states and cities. Darling Nigeria and Xpression; partners of Kanekalon joined the brand on their tour to Lagos on August 30th  and September 1st at the local government secretariat, Ajengunle, and NASCHO field Akesan respectively. The focus of this initiative is to help stylists know and identify quality hair products made from 100% Kanekalon fibers by understanding the nature of the raw material used, and encourage them to produce the best of works by using authentic and quality products that can give their clients value for their money and to focus more on quality, not on price.

Another major focus of the stylist workshop was to empower these stylists with the necessary skills to produce trendy and creative hairstyles with 100% Kanekalon fibers. With over 500 hair stylists, beauticians, hairdressers, cosmetologists, and members from various Nigerian hair associations trooping in to participate in this workshop for both locations, the workshop which also took the form of a competition awarded participants with branded souvenirs from Kanekalon and its partners such as hair products, aprons, bags, towels, and cash prizes.

A representative from Kaneka Amoako Samuel in a speech addressing the attendees encouraged them to take their craft seriously and employ new techniques in finding and maintaining clients.  The program was sandwiched with exciting activities like a debate, dance performances, and various fiber tests. The participants and winners of awards did not spare the chance to appreciate Kanekalon and its partners for the opportunity and initiative and the various insights gained through this workshop. They also encouraged other hairstylists who missed out on this to make it to our next location.

Kanekalon over the last couple of years has been recognized for its contribution to empowering both young and old women. Follow @Kanekalon_Africa on Instagram for more information and updates on our next stop for the Kanekalon stylists workshop and the qualities of the hair.