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Kanekalon starts its Regional City Tour in Koforidua

Kanekalon in partnership with National Youth Employment (NYA) has started its Regional City Tour (RCT) across the country in Koforidua in the Eastern Region.

Once on the RCT, the company speaks to stylist and equip them with the necessary skills to succeed in their area of skill.

When businesses are collapsing, and some are still struggling to find their feet, and the youth are crying for better opportunities and jobs.

The two organisations have taken it upon themselves to be at the forefront of the solution in their own capacity.


The program, which began in Koforidua last Wednesday, will extend to Kumasi and Takoradi, primarily targeting people in the hair and beauty industry; hairdressers, salon shop owners, and distributors of hair brand’s products among others.

The were sessions on personal and organisational branding, training sessions on new hairstyle trends, business growth post-Covid-19, sales and marketing techniques.


Participants spoke about their gratitude to NYA and Kanekalon in expressions of satisfaction over the knowledge shared during the sessions.


Miebi Egbebo, a member of the Kanekalon marketing team in an interview spoke on the importance and benefits of the workshop to the participants in Koforidua and how the training sessions would go a long way in impacting people in other communities.

She spoke about the necessity of businesses creating and having an online presence to reach more people and expand their customer base in the digital age.

She said that was the reason they decided to include digital marketing strategies as an add-on session in this year’s edition.

Madam Egbebo said this was a goal Kanekalon would hope to see achieved by every hairstylist and salon in the coming months.

The company, which has a strong and growing online presence has also partnered with a software company that has an app for connecting hairstylist to their customer.

This is done through a service booking feature that is leading the way in charting the path to recovery of many of these businesses that were impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.