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Unleash Your Creativity: Kanekalon’s Second Annual Hairstylist Workshop is Now Underway in Nigeria

As consumer preferences evolve, Kanekalon, a leading hair fiber manufacturer from Japan, is adapting its strategies to better connect with its customers. The company’s innovative approach includes initiatives like the Kanekalon Hairstylist Workshop, which seeks to engage with hairstylists and showcase the superior quality and multi-functionality of its hair extensions in crafting various hairstyles for a versatile and diverse market.

Kanekalon’s workshop is back for its second year and will be held in major states throughout Nigeria from March to November. With a focus on the hair and beauty industry, the workshop offers hairstylists free training in hair-making and braiding techniques, as well as practical solutions to common challenges.

By equipping hairstylists with new skills and techniques, Kanekalon aims to empower them to provide high-quality services that meet the needs of their customers.

The first leg of the workshop which began in Lagos -Nashco Field-Akesan and Akoka were in partnership with Darling Nigeria and Xpression which is a subsidiary of Outré Africa respectively. The brands introduced participants to their new range of products, colours and bulk styles.

During the workshop, close to 600 stylists from the Nigerian Association of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists (NASHCO) Lagos State Chapter were engaged and trained on how to identify original Kanekalon fibers by comparing the quality of Kanekalon to other fibers in the market.

To confirm the originality of Kanekalon fibers, the flame-retardant tests -a quality safety feature that comes with every Kanekalon fiber product were conducted to show the danger of using other low-quality and flammable fibers.

The Kaneka Africa Office team, led by Marketing Lead Samuel Kwasi Amoako and Stylists Lead Charlotte Kumi, added presentations on the benefits of using Kanekalon fibers. They also introduced stylists to Xpression’s new water-repellent and fast-drying braids product- ‘RUWA’, which is suitable for women who want to have a hassle-free experience with their hair right from the salon, after swimming or when caught up in the rain.

Participants were gifted with various packages and souvenirs from Kanekalon and its partner- Xpression and Darling Nigeria and expressed their gratitude for the knowledge and new skills acquired at the workshop.

In addition, NASHCO expressed their appreciation to Solpia Nigeria, makers of the Xpression brand, Darling Nigeria and Hair and Beauty Magazine for their immense support and contribution to the development of stylists’ skills and businesses in Nigeria.

Through initiatives such as the Kanekalon hairstylist workshop and the ‘Kanekalon Activ8 challenge’, Kanekalon is committed to promoting issues of women empowerment and development by providing them with the necessary skills and resources to thrive in their field.

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